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Apple is the word....

05/05/2016 Share/Bookmark

OK, so the noise is that Apple are doomed, they've done everything they can to be a profit making business, but now they've had a bad quarter, they are on the slide, they no longer are relevant.

I wonder though, will even mentioning Apple in a blog post get me kudos, because that is what the first paragraph of this post should do, I've mentioned Apple (multiple times) along with the words doomed, slide and relevant.  And now I'll mention that they no longer innovate.

They are a lost business, things are going so badly wrong that they will end up where they were in the late 20th century, the leadership is feeling the pain without the late great Steve Jobs.

Shareholders are jumping overboard, someone needs to throw them a line, they'll drown without a new innovative device.   Quick they've made more money than 2 or 3 major competitors put together, but they aren't going to survive, someone needs to replace Mr Cook to bring them back, oh hell, bring back Steve, he'll save the world....

iCloud can be more "Cloud" friendly!

28/01/2013 Share/Bookmark

As Many people probably do, I sometimes find it hard to understand how Apples thought processes work when it comes to cloud functionality. Things are looking better since iCloud came about, but they could be oh so much better. As users we don't expect much, and we certainly don't expect miracles over night. However what we do expect is functionality that can make our lives easier and more fulfilling, especially at those times when we don't have access to an iOS device, or we are using a computer that isn't ours so we are unable to add iTunes to it easily.

So I would like to ask Apple to start thinking about adding the following functionality to iCloud to make it a more useful cloud based system. I don't think it's even asking that much, especially when you consider the talent you have at your disposal.

Add iBooks

One of the things I've always found a bit odd is why don't you allow me to read my digital books everywhere! As a user I shouldn't be restricted to just reading iBooks content on my iOS devices. He'll, I can't even read them on my MacBook, which I find really surprising still.

Come on if you can make things like Calendar, Find my iPhone, Contacts, Mail, Notes and Reminders work and look similar to iOS apps, then what is so hard in getting iBooks on there too? It certainly isn't a technology issue!

Add iTunes

Ok, so this may be a big ask seeing as iTunes is a complex beast, but why not an iCloud app with similar functionality to iTunes itself? If thats too much to ask, then simply allow me to play/stream my cloud based music (iTunes match) from iCloud with a simple music app (think iPod).

Hey why not go full blown and add the iTunes store to iCloud. You've given web users access to the store on the web at, albeit to simply browse the content. You already have a large user base, with a massive amount of credit card info.

So why not use both these as a starting point to create an iTunes app in iCloud, bingo, instant customer base and an easier opportunity for people to engage and buy from you.


My photos are already stored on your servers, so why can I not see them in a photo stream app in iCloud, this shouldn't be too difficult.

Video Playback

If I purchase/rent movies or TV content, then give me an app that will let me stream them via iCloud. You know me, you know what I've purchased, let me play it from any web browser enabled computer/device.


Doing the above within iCloud will give us an instant purchase and play web portal, I know I would love this, and I'm sure there are a hell of a lot of others who would too. This would also have a knock-on effect of opening up your "cloud" based digital content to non apple users and web facing browsers (SmartTV, Set top boxes etc.), best of both worlds, apple gets more revenue and users get more options.

So come on Apple, enrich your users where it benefits everyone, you have the knowledge, the data and the skills force to make this happen. You don't even have to do it all at once, just iBooks and iTunes Match playback would be a good start!


iO6 Maps - Standard vs Hybrid

03/10/2012 Share/Bookmark

I've been having a look around the apple maps of iOS 6 and I noticed something really odd near where I live.

If I'm in the standard map mode and look for the Indian restaurant up the road, it shows on the map as The Spice Inn, which is correct however it is in the wrong place, it should be further up the road and on the right hand side.

Now, if I select the Hybrid view, it shows the same location as The Retreat, which happened to be the old name of the restaurant before the Spice Inn took over.

Why would this be? Surely the data is coming from the same set of information that Apple is using? This shows that Apple have a hell of a long way to go to rectify the data issues they have.


Missing Screenshots in Apple AppSrore

14/05/2011 Share/Bookmark

I had issues with missing screenshots in the Apple AppStore when viewed from my iPhone, here's the response from Apple support;

The reason you are not seeing all uploaded screenshots on the iPhone App Store is because you have uploaded a mix of standard-resolution and high-resolution screenshots in iTunes Connect.

Only the high-resolution screenshots will display on the iPhone 4 with retina display while the standard-resolution screenshots will display on all other iPhones and iPod touch devices.

You can make changes to your screenshots at any time in iTunes Connect. Once you update your screenshots to have consistent resolutions, the issue will be resolved within 24 hours.

So to allow the images to be seen by all devices make sure they are all standard definition.

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Constant speed using Cocos2D CCMoveTo action.

12/04/2011 Share/Bookmark

I've been tinkering with my latest game concept and I needed to move my enemy sprites to a given location.  To do this I thought the simplest way to achieve this was by using the the CCMoveTo action class.

Here's the code I used to start with;

[enemySprite runAction:[CCMoveTo actionWithDuration:2.0f  position:CGPointMake(size.width/2,size.height/2)]];

Now this works perfectly well, apart from the fact that the sprites further away move towards the target location at a greater speed, this is because each sprite performs the action over the same time frame (2 seconds) no matter where they appeared.

Cocosdenshion: iPhone metering example updated to V0.99.5

11/03/2011 Share/Bookmark

I’ve been tinkering with the idea of a game using some form of music metering.

On my googling I came across the CocosDenshion Metering Demo created by Fancy Rat Studios. Unfortunately the version on the website did not work with V0.99.5 as the CocosDenshion code has been changed since the original demo was written.

So for your delight I have updated the original code to work with V0.99.5 of Cocos2d for iPhone.

You can Download a zip of the updated project from here


MacJournal FTP Settings for Image upload.

08/03/2011 Share/Bookmark

Phew that took me a long time to work out!!

I wanted to start writing some blogs to help other developers. To do this I need to be able to add images to my entries, so I’ve spent the last hour trying to work out how to configure MacJournal to upload images to my website’s ftp location in a separate folder.

It shouldn’t have been that difficult, but I couldn’t for the life of me work out what to enter in the Upload URL and Access URL fields in the settings. A few googles didn’t help either. However, after a little tinkering I discovered you need the following settings;

My 1and1 website is:, the folder I set up was called blogimages, this results in the following settings in MacJournal;

Upload URL:
Access URL:

Once I got it working I at first didn’t have the folder on the end of the Access URL, this was needed because it seems to be used in for the img url in the published HTML of the blog once it is uploaded.

Hopefully this will help others not have the same lengthy fight with MacJournal when uploading images to an FTP server.,


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