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Now affiliated with iTunes.

10/12/2010 Share/Bookmark

There is one thing that all iOS developers should do, and that is to become an affiliate with iTunes. This simple task could, in fact, make you more money for doing hardly anything! Apart from a few hours to register and then changing your website links to your Apps within iTunes.

To register all you need to do is go to Apple’s affiliate website and follow the simple instructions. Once you have been accepted you can then change all your App links to point at the affiliate URL that is associated with your account. This is also a simple task and Apple have the Apple Link Maker website, use this website to find your App and then copy the HTML link supplied by Apple.

If you are an active developer, or simply linking to iTunes products on your website then I suggest you give this a look. You could be earning 4% on everything that someone buys by using these types of links.

Testing using MacJournal to Blog

07/12/2010 Share/Bookmark

Well I forgot that I had MacJournal on my Mac as I’d never needed to use it for anything, but then I thought, “I wonder if MacJournal will allow me to create my Blog entries?”

Apparently it can, so I’ve decided to give it a quick try, so this is what this post is for. If this works then I will need to learn how MacJournal works, and how to add images, videos and other types of rich media to my posts.

This is therefore my first, MacJournal created, simple text entry blog, to see how it goes. :-)

Here’s an Image to see if this now works last time;


Updated: And it worked, excellent, I love it when a plan comes together.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and iWeb '09!?

06/12/2010 Share/Bookmark

I had a very long day yesterday! This was down to the fact that I've been reading up a little on SEO techniques for my website.

My main website was originally built using iWeb '09, part of the iLife suite, however, the first two items, in the SEO articles I'm reading, advised me to change the page titles and insert keyword meta-tags.

Unfortunately, although I think iWeb is a very easy website creation tool, you can not change these settings within it, or changing those settings cause other design elements to be modified, which I didn't want! So I was stuck on these first steps. This was very frustrating and I hope Apple sort this out one day when they eventually update iWeb, which they did not do for iLife 11!? 

I had to find something that would work, so I started to look for an iWeb replacement, and I think I've found it.

I did some searches and from the info I found I decided to try Freeway Express by Softpress. I downloaded the free trial and had a play by seeing how easy it was to create my current iWeb design from scratch.  I was impressed and it worked very similarly to iWeb, but the big plus point, is that it is more flexible and the end user has more control on how certain items work, like Navigation Bars, page layout etc.

One of the first things I obviously tried was to add meta-tags for keywords and the page description and found this task to be very straightforward. Titles can also be changed with no effect on the Navigation bar, as you have full control over these elements. The rest was simple drag and drop WYSIWYG web design just like iWeb.

I therefore spent all of yesterday rebuilding my website in Freeway. This task was a bit of a pain but needed to be done and I can now continue to implement the SEO changes to my website.

As a final comment, if you are building websites on OSX and require a little more flexibility in design and back end configuration, please look at your options before you start. This in the long run will save you a lot of time and effort! As I found out yesterday! :-)

Chained Released

05/12/2010 Share/Bookmark

My latest game ‘Chained’ has been released to the App Store.

It’s a match-3 type game where you have to match shapes together by drawing lines between them using your finger.

There are three modes of game play, solo mode, duel mode and blaze mode.

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