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Now affiliated with iTunes.

10/12/2010 Share/Bookmark

There is one thing that all iOS developers should do, and that is to become an affiliate with iTunes. This simple task could, in fact, make you more money for doing hardly anything! Apart from a few hours to register and then changing your website links to your Apps within iTunes.

To register all you need to do is go to Apple’s affiliate website and follow the simple instructions. Once you have been accepted you can then change all your App links to point at the affiliate URL that is associated with your account. This is also a simple task and Apple have the Apple Link Maker website, use this website to find your App and then copy the HTML link supplied by Apple.

If you are an active developer, or simply linking to iTunes products on your website then I suggest you give this a look. You could be earning 4% on everything that someone buys by using these types of links.

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