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MacJournal FTP Settings for Image upload.

08/03/2011 Share/Bookmark

Phew that took me a long time to work out!!

I wanted to start writing some blogs to help other developers. To do this I need to be able to add images to my entries, so I’ve spent the last hour trying to work out how to configure MacJournal to upload images to my website’s ftp location in a separate folder.

It shouldn’t have been that difficult, but I couldn’t for the life of me work out what to enter in the Upload URL and Access URL fields in the settings. A few googles didn’t help either. However, after a little tinkering I discovered you need the following settings;

My 1and1 website is:, the folder I set up was called blogimages, this results in the following settings in MacJournal;

Upload URL:
Access URL:

Once I got it working I at first didn’t have the folder on the end of the Access URL, this was needed because it seems to be used in for the img url in the published HTML of the blog once it is uploaded.

Hopefully this will help others not have the same lengthy fight with MacJournal when uploading images to an FTP server.,


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