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Apple is the word....

05/05/2016 Share/Bookmark

OK, so the noise is that Apple are doomed, they've done everything they can to be a profit making business, but now they've had a bad quarter, they are on the slide, they no longer are relevant.

I wonder though, will even mentioning Apple in a blog post get me kudos, because that is what the first paragraph of this post should do, I've mentioned Apple (multiple times) along with the words doomed, slide and relevant.  And now I'll mention that they no longer innovate.

They are a lost business, things are going so badly wrong that they will end up where they were in the late 20th century, the leadership is feeling the pain without the late great Steve Jobs.

Shareholders are jumping overboard, someone needs to throw them a line, they'll drown without a new innovative device.   Quick they've made more money than 2 or 3 major competitors put together, but they aren't going to survive, someone needs to replace Mr Cook to bring them back, oh hell, bring back Steve, he'll save the world....

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